How to apply?

Please note the distinction between a MAS, MBA and a Master's degree studies (MSc, MA).

For normal Master’s programmes contact the following services directly: Master's degree studies (MSc)

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For administrative questions about the application process and formal admission requirements, contact the .

Questions about the programme content should be addressed directly to the programme coordinators.

Please inform yourself in advance about the admission requirements for your desired programme as well as the required documents for your online application.

For a successful application, we recommend you proceed as follows:

Find out more about our programmes on our overview pages.

Make sure to have your documents ready in advance and submit them in full by the application deadline.

For all programmes

  • Copy of diploma certificate and transcript (of records) and diploma supplement (in original language and in D/F/I or E translation) (from the highest or most relevant degree).
  • Copy of passport or identity card: Scan of your passport valid for at least 6 months: only page with photo, name, date of birth, expiry date. CH/EU/EFTA citizens can also upload a copy of their valid identity card (front and back) if no passport is available.
  • Completed and signed consent form

Additional documents (programme-specific)

Some programmes require additional documents (references, work certificates, portfolios). Check the programme overview on the SCE website to see which additional documents are required for your chosen programme.

  • Complete the application form in eApply, upload the required supporting documents and submit it on time.
  • Please fully complete the online application form.
  • You will be guided through the online application step by step. Your details must be supported by uploading the required documents (CV, official certificates, etc.).
  • When you complete your application, you will automatically be redirected to pay the application fee by credit card.
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail once you have submitted your online application.
  • You can apply for different programmes per semester at the same time.
  • A processing fee of CHF 50 or CHF 150 is charged for the application. CHF 50 for persons with a Swiss university degree, CHF 150 for persons with another university degree. This fee cannot be refunded or waived.
  • Payment of the fee is only possible by credit card or PostFinance Card when completing the online application.
  • Under certain circumstances, payments with credit cards from certain countries are not accepted by the bank for security reasons. Therefore, if you have any problems, please ask your bank about the availability of international transactions.
  • If your application is complete and received by the deadline, it will be reviewed by the School for Continuing Education.
  • If all formal criteria are met, your application will be forwarded to the programme executives for evaluation. They will assess your application from a professional point of view. Under certain circumstances, the evaluation of your application will not take place until after the application deadline.

After your application has been reviewed, you will usually receive a written admission decision 4-6 weeks after receipt or 2-4 weeks after the application deadline for downloading on eApply.


  • Your application was successful, and you have been admitted to the continuing education programme at ETH Zurich. You do not need to confirm your participation, you will be matriculated automatically.
  • In case of withdrawal, we expect a written notification within the deadlines mentioned in the admission letter to . In case of a late withdrawal, withdrawal fees will be charged.


  • In your written decision you will be informed of the reasons for the rejection. There is no entitlement to admission.
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